PA 4 Water Quality focuses its work on 7 Actions which are implemented through numerous projects:

1.     HAZARDOUS & EMERGING SUBSTANCES: Promote monitoring, prevention and reduction of water pollution deriving from hazardous and emerging substances (EU priority substances and watch list candidates as well as Danube basin specific pollutants candidates and others e.g. micro plastics-plastics, pharmaceuticals, PFOS)

2.     WASTE WATER: Continue boosting major investments in building, upgrading, maintaining and rehabilitating urban wastewater treatment facilities and promote alternative collection and treatment of wastewater in small rural settlements, including measures to build capacity at the regional and local level across the Danube basin

3.     WATER & AGRICULTURE: Promote prevention and reduction of diffuse pollution, promote nutrient retention, smart irrigation and water reuse, foster and develop an active process of dialogue and cooperation between authorities responsible for agriculture and environment to ensure that measures are taken to address diffuse pollution and ensure smart water use

4.     DRINKING WATER: Promote measures aimed at reducing knowledge deficits related to protecting water resources and safeguarding drinking water supply

5.     MIGRATORY FISH: Promote measures to enable fish migration in the Danube River basin

6.     CLIMATE CHANGE: Promote measures to adapt to climate change impacts in relation to water quality and quantity

7.     TOOLS: Enhance cooperation, increase and exchange knowledge and secure financing to water quality measures in the Danube Region

An important workshop on water quality in MRS was held on the 5th of November in Budapest: A detailed report was prepared in the follow up, and will be made available.

Strategic project examples are:

  • JOINTISZA project (Action 7) – Interreg Danube project aimed at Strengthening cooperation between river basin management planning and flood risk prevention to enhance the status of waters of the Tisza River Basin22